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Per Month
Link Credits Per Month 3000 6000 15000 120000
Link Credits Per Day 100 200 500 4000
Max Projects Per Day 2 4 10 80
Max Reports Per Day 2 4 10 80
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7 Day Money Back Guarantee - -
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Get Started For Just $7 Per Month!


Create Projects choosing the type of links you want to build and entering your URL’s and Keywords

Choose when you want your links be built using a range of different scheduling options.

Backlink reports are delivered each day for each individual project you schedule.


How it Works

Quickly create and schedule projects and wait for your backlink reports to be delivered each and every day.

Supported Link Types

  • Forum Profiles
  • Forum Posts
  • Blog Comments
  • Blog Trackbacks
  • Wiki Comments
  • Guestbooks
  • More link types in the pipeline!


Link Velocity: Maintain a steady growth in the number of links pointing at your site / network

Link Variety: Acquiring links from many different IP addresses and platforms is beneficial to your ranking

Tiered Backlinks: Build backlinks into pages which already link to you either in a pyramid or tiered structure

Indexing: Build backlinks to existing backlinks to ensure they get crawled / found by search engines


All I can say is it blows #Anothter Service# out of the water and is cheaper... a no brainer in my book

The best hands free way to build backlinks to multiple websites without the hassle of doing it yourself, very easy to deliver backlinks and reports to SEO clients. Im a very happy member and shall continute to be for the long term

Took almost zero time to get up and running, love the ability to copy projects, over delivery so far has kept well above the package size

Ive been using this service for a few months now and its an amazing service. I login once or twice a week for a few minutes - only when I need to switch campaign and URLs - and there have never been any problems. Its truly automated link building. Id definitely recommend this service.



How Do Link Credits Work?

Your subscription will entitle you to a set number of “credits” which can be used each day to build different types of links. We refer to “placements” rather than links as some placement types can contain more than one link. For example a blog comment can contain only one link, but a profile or forum post can contain more than one link. Currently “credits” are redundant as all link types have a placement cost of 1. The credits system will only come into play as we add more link types with a higher “cost”.

Link Type Credits per Placement / Post Cost Per 10 Placements
Forum Profiles 1 Credit 10 Credits
Forum Posts 3 Credits 30 Credits
Blog Comments 1 Credit 10 Credits
Blog Trackback Comments 1 Credit 10 Credits
Wiki Posts 3 Credits 30 Credits
Wiki Comments 3 Credits 30 Credits
Blog Posts on Social Platforms 4 Credits 40 Credits
Guestbooks 1 Credit 10 Credits

Will you be adding more link types?

Absolutely! This is the reason we are moving to a “credit / placement” based billing system as opposed to “links” based system. Some of the new link types we are working on will be better quality and thus have a higher “cost” in terms of credits.

Can I mix and Match Links?

Each project can contain only one link type however you can run a different project / group of projects each day. We also make it easy to copy data from one project to another so you can “clone” projects to build different link types for the same websites. We have additional features planned to make this process easier.

Can links be carried over between days / months?

No, if you do not use your link quota for the day then you lose them. We have designed our system to make it easy for you to see any days where you are not using your full quota and adjust the settings accordingly. The reasons we do not allow links to be carried forward are as follows:

  • Our system was designed specifically to drip feed links consistently over time.
  • Keeping usage consistent allows us to plan / utilize our resources more effectively keeping prices down.

Are Links Guaranteed?

We check for the presence of backlinks before reports are made available. It is unusual for URLs to be included in reports where the link is not found to be present. On top of this we over deliver against the actual scheduled amount, so you should actually receive more links than were scheduled.

Can You Target Keywords to URLs?

Absolutely, you can apply filters to bind particular groups of keywords to groups of URLs, or map single keywords onto single URLs, multiple keywords onto a single URL or a single Keyword onto multiple URLs. Our system is advanced in this regard, all things are possible!

Do I Need to Install Any Software?

No, this is an online service. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. If you are reading this then you already have everything you need!

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

We only accept payments through PayPal. PayPal are the most widely used and trusted payment gateway and themselves accept a number of different payment methods.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

As we use PayPal you are in complete control over payments and subscriptions. You can simply cancel your PayPal subscription or drop us a mail and we will do that for you.

What is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a free trial on smaller plans and a 7 day money back guarantee on larger plans. Outside of the first 7 days of your initial subscription, and for all subsequent subscription renewals all orders are billed in advance and before delivery. Outside of our trial period we do not offer refunds, credits, or adjustments for any payments made for any services provided. Any orders will be deemed accepted and final as soon as they are placed.